11 Bullets 3 Thru the Heart

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'11 Bullets 3 Thru the Heart'

They call her the boss, mob queen she was a hit man and later became the head of her own crime family. Scarlet (aka Frenchie, Bibi and Suzette) was born in the early 1930s, and went on the lam at an early age, an attempt rape at the age 15, by a police officer, ended in a car crash, which left the cop dead. And Scarlet a hounded suspect. Scarlet hooked up with a circus act and had a romantic affair with a trapeze artist famous for doing a triple somersault without a net. Tragedy struck when her love fell to his death into the ring; overcome with grief she left without saying a word to anyone.

Scarlet boarded the subway an ended up in the Far-Rockaway play land. Where she got a job working the games on the board walk. She met a hansom barker at Fascination. Sam was his name he taught her the concession trade. This stormy affair produced two sons, however, she realized a bit too late that she traded her freedom and power for security and found herself caged with an abusive, sexually immoral man.

Scarlet was looking for a way out when Johnny a good looking wise-guy introduced himself to her at a privet gambling club. Johnny came along with class and cash and Scarlet moved in. He became her true love. She soon realized he worked for the mob but never pressed him for details. He always treated her with affection and the utmost respect. Johnny had two young daughters which Scarlet cared for like they were her own. Jonny tragically gunned down in a shootout between corrupt FBI agent and the mob. Scarlet arrived late with his daughters on the scene the girls were shot and killed, and Scarlet was gunned down and barely escaped her body full of bullets. Yet she saw who was responsible and would never forget their faces, however she also learned that there was a contract on her life.

The first time she killed it was in self-defense, she was struggling to survive, yet all the while wanting revenge for the death of Jonny and the two innocent children. Once blood was on her hands she became cold hearted. She went on to do jobs for the mob and grew to be respected and feared by men and women alike. Unfortunately, Scarlet’s next relationship was big Nick a federal agent who was undercover and was moving up through the Mafia rank. She realized Nick was a Fed when he turned down her sexual advances, and she jokingly asked him if he was wired. He disappeared shortly after.

Scarlet was set up on a coke bust and sentenced to three consecutively twenty- year sentences in a federal underground penitentiary. She found a loop hole in the case and was released on a technicality after many years. Left with a double jeopardy parole after many years in solitary confinement and untold hours of soul searching she has undergone a spiritual transformation and in fulfillment of a childhood dream. Scarlet started selling flowers with Frankie her soul mate she met after getting out of jail, he helped her fulfill her dreams of selling flowers all over Brooklyn and she daily thanks the Lord. She found out her son had but a few weeks to live. She got down on her hands and knees and cried out to God, my son’s life for mine. An hour later a phone call came, we got a set of lungs. From that moment on her life was changed forever, and
she is now working for the Lord Jesus Christ.