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Crossroads Entertainment Filmography

2015 Angels Apocalypse
2015 Unbreakable Souls
2013 Riddick
2012 A War Hero

2012 The Ropes
2012 About Cherry
2009 Los Bandoleros
2006 Find Me Guilty

2004 Downtown: A Street Tale
2003 The Artificial Drift
1998 Shadow of Doubt
1997 Strays

Loglines of Crossroads Inventory


Feature Films:


Collecting Strays - A quirky female dogcatcher rescues strays from the local pound after she catches them. Along the way she wins the heart of the new vet and everyone in town.


The Ghosts of Alcatraz - On Alcatraz, the ghosts of Al Capone and his criminal friends escape by possessing a group of young popstars. It’s now up to three teenage ghost hunters to stop the gangster ghosts before they release an army of evil spirits. Spy Kids meets Ghostbusters.


Trick Plays - A 13-year-old buys his hometown Rock Valley Tigers semi-pro football team to keep them from moving to nearby Pittsburgh. He saves the team with trick plays, but ultimately must learn to play without them. The Sandlot meets Little Big League.


Red Herring - An Italian nebbish Private Investigator with a phobia of Redheads: the sight of red hair drives a Tony Magenta crazy: literally. Having to track down an elusive redhead is his worst nightmare and ironically his only hope.


Past Due - Past Due is Ghost meets Dead Again with the camaraderie and action of 48 Hours.


Hitman’s Funeral - It’s The Usual Suspects meets Reservoir Dogs meets Miller’s Crossing, a peek inside the gritty world of dangerous hitmen, where no one can be trusted and everyone’s a suspect.


Genghis Khan: Lord of Kings - The most charismatic, most notorious and most highly worshipped Warrior that history has ever known.


The Gateway - A futuristic utopia is shocked by a series of murders.  What the custodians discover is incredible: The murderer can commit these crimes because he is moving backward in time.  He can’t be caught because he knows what the authorities will do even before they do it.


Circumstantial Evidence - Body Heat meets The Big Easy, a suspense thriller laden with twisted Basic Instincts.


Locker 54  - Six college students are trapped in a maze-like public storage building, stalked by an evil force feeding on their fear as they disappear one by one.  Their only hope of survival is to discover the terrifying truth about Locker 54.


TV Series:


Street Guys - Street Guys is Mad Men meets The Sopranos on Wall Street in the bull market ’80s.


XPire - In a world conquered by supernatural forces of evil, the young orphaned woman NYX learns of her own latent magic powers and her destiny as the Chosen One. She helps the renegade Vampire resistance army XPire free Earth from its demonic rulers. -Twilight and Buffy the Vampire Slayer meet Lord of the Rings.


The Third Realm - A hidden race of elves is forced to work with humans to save Earth. X-Files meets Lord of the Rings.


Disclosure - A presidential aide investigates the possibility of an alien presence on Earth. What seems a mere fantasy becomes the final countdown to a global takeover. Think X-Files meets The West Wing.


Escorts, Inc. - The TV Series Escorts, Inc. is about an industry that remains both lucrative and recession proof in today’s ever changing world. Amidst an aggressive war for dominance, the Russian ‘Mafiya’, and the Italian ‘Mafia’ vie for power.  Only one victor will ultimately Lord over this Billion Dollar sex trade in ‘The Big Apple’.  

Crossroads Management

TJ Mancini


TJ Mancini of Crossroads Entertainment, has developed over fifty screenplays, Film and TV treatments and Novel adaptations. TJ was a Producer on the feature film "Strays," written, directed by and starring Vin Diesel. "Strays" was in the dramatic competition at the '96 Sundance Film Festival. Mancini was also a Producer on "Shadow of Doubt" starring Melanie Griffith and Tom Berenger for Largo Ent., directed by Randal Kleiser. To his credit, Mancini has produced and worked in a production capacity and/or as a Development Executive on such films as “The Chronicles of Riddick”, “Fast & Furious”, “The Last Witch Hunter”, "Netnapped" for USA Network, and "Can of Worms" for Disney and "Left Behind" for Namesake, Ent. TJ comes from a long line of creative individuals and is the direct descendant of Count Vittorio Alfieri, touted by literary scholars as Italy's Shakespeare. While in New York, Mancini formed Crossroads Literature, Art and Music: dedicated to Poetry as a live Performance Art. His poetry has been performed everywhere from the bohemian enclaves of Greenwich Village to Carnegie Hall. Mr. Mancini has worked as an Architect for I.M. Pei. He was the Set Designer and Producer on John Lennon's play, "In His Own Mind," as well as the Joyce Carol Oats' play "The Changeling." While working as an architect for NBC, Mancini studied at the American Film Institute and the School of Visual Arts, taking a plethora of courses in filmmaking and screenwriting. Soon after leaving NBC, Mancini directed a successful performance of his screenplay, "Boardwalk," at Robert De Niro's Tribeca Film Center. Mancini has also written, directed and produced videos and music videos. He wrote and is produced "Find Me Guilty" starring Vin Diesel, directed by legendary film director Sidney Lumet. Mancini is the Producer/Writer of the upcoming film "Genghis Khan: Lord of Kings." Mancini will soon Produce the feature film entitled "Hitman’s Funeral”.

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